Full service management of your paid search program to drive maximum volume at the most efficient cost per acquisition. Our methodology will include the following: + Baseline KPI analysis + Detailed analysis of campaign structure down to the keyword level to drive overall account architecture optimization + Ad copy analysis to determine potential issues, and suggest additional ideas to improve click-through rate + Analysis and action of top competitor paid search efforts, including overall landscape view along with competitor keywords which may represent areas of opportunity for growth + Analysis and action against best performing areas/regions and suggestions on how to structure campaigns by geo to take advantage of more efficient bids + Analysis of account structure by device type including suggestions on how to maximize ROI by using appropriate device-targeting settings and segmentation + Analysis of best performing days/hours of day, including suggestions on how to maximize ROI by effectively using day/time-parting + Analysis of ad extension use including suggestions on changes to improve CTR + Quality score analysis/suggestions + Account analysis using a breakdown of keywords by quality score, along with suggestions on how to improve overall account quality score + Trademark/domain SERP analysis and monitoring + Analysis of potentially missed opportunities in trademark and domain search engine results pages + Assisted conversions analysis + Keyword portfolio expansion + Growth & efficiency tactics + Google display network launch and optimization + Google retargeting + Continuous optimization:

  • Creative (Ad Copy) Testing / Landing Page Testing
  • Bid Elasticity Testing (position)
  • Multivariate (creative and landing page cross-testing)
  • Geo-targeting / Time of Day/Day? of Week testing
  • Assist Keyword Testing
  • Path to conversion optimization
  • Match-type optimization
  • Negative keywords optimization


Netwide Media Group will conduct a baseline analysis using your existing historical data, industry consumer studies and conversion funnel statistics. + This data will help optimize the historical Netwide Media digital media program.


SEO Development and optimization of digital assets both on and off-site in order to build brand awareness and influence while driving increased actions via highly-qualified organic traffic. Our research and strategy will include: + Initial Analysis + Baseline measurement + Competitive analysis + Keyword analysis + Audits + Technical audit + Content audit + Authority signal audit + Media acquisition strategy development + Content development and promotion strategy + Link acquisition strategy + Strategy recommendations and presentations + Strategic consulting + Content optimization + Technical review + Audit tracker + Media acquisition execution + Ongoing authority building via link development + Content creation (3 articles or 1 infographic monthly)



  • Daily access to your Senior Account Director or other Netwide Media Group representative + Bi-Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly review meetings to provide program progress/status updates, metrics and tactical action items
  • Includes full report, analysis/insights and discussion with Strategist + Monthly Summary and Performance Meeting
  • Top level performance implications, tactics, and action items discussed for coming month + Quarterly Strategic Client Status Meeting
  • These reviews include an analysis of campaign results and performance highlights, current status, challenges and the following quarter’s strategic and tactical recommendations based on quantitative data analysis.


We are experts at defending your personal or brand reputation through a proprietary process in which we are able to displace negative listings off of page 1 of Google, Bing, and other major search engines. This process contains 4 steps: Step 1, Baseline your current reputation landscape. Step 2, Create a content repository and secure over 250 social websites/pages on your behalf. Step 3, Utilize existing content and create new positive content to place on the sites/pages. Step 4, Execute an SEO program to a selected group of these sites/pages pushing them up on Google and Bing and your negative listings down and out thereby building a shield around your reputation.

*Note: We reserve the right to reject brands or persons seeking reputation management based on our NMG moral and ethical standards.