Netwide Media Group has a staff of developers with a variety of unique skill sets to offer our clients. Please review our qualifications and skills below to help determine if Netwide Media Group has the tools necessary to accomplish your corporate/personal objectives.

Project Management

  • Ability to successfully prepare and deliver technical presentations to senior level business managers and developers.
  • Preparation of proposals (technical & cost), technology roadmap’s, technical work statements and specifications.
  • Negotiations, manage vendor relationships, financial terms/conditions of contract.
  • Create and manage a master project plan, establish project milestones and monitor adherence to master plans and schedules.
  • Identify project problems and define conflict resolution plans including allocation of resources or renegotiating contractual specifications.
  • Engage the client as primary point of contact for project activities, lead project review sessions to include discussions of cost, schedule, and technical performance issues.
  • Effective resource planning, management and manipulation of resources to meet project goals in time.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies.
  • Excellent financial management, costing and budgeting skills.

Leadership & Vision

  • Demonstrate competency in strategic thinking and leadership with extremely strong ability in promoting the value of technology solutions.
  • Ability to make well defined technical decisions pertaining to technical deployment strategy in meeting the project and overall business needs.
  • Ability to exercise creative problem-solving techniques in a highly complex environment using leading edge technology and/or integrating diverse user systems.
  • Strong management skills to manage multiple small to large-scale projects in a cross-functional environment.
  • Good oral and written communication skills, along with the ability to lead teams or individual presentations based on specifications.
  • Able to articulate and sell technology and business architecture roadmap.
  • Unmatched technical skills in both Microsoft and Non-Microsoft technologies.
  • Excellent skills in implementing strategic goals and enterprise wide applications.
  • Excellent ability to train and mentor subordinates/clients, define professional career milestones and goal tracking.

Technical & Development Skills

  • Excellent requirements analysis and specification development skills.
  • Overall systems architecture, application design and systems engineering skills
  • Excellent software development skills in Microsoft & Non-Microsoft technologies
  • Very good database design and architectural skills.
  • Excellent network design, implementation and management skills
  • Skilled both in traditional client/server or mainframe environments and Internet environment.

Netwide Media Group will take complete responsibility for the overall performance of projects and direct all project phases from inception through completion. Netwide Media Group can very effectively execute project schedules, manage projects, marshal resources, manage project level risks, perform vendor and contract negotiations, perform technical reviews and assess and align IT goals with strategic business goals and be responsible for ROI.

For more information, please contact info@netwidemediagroup.com or call 646.281.8245